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Is a group of dedicated personal trainers determined
to help you reach all your fitness goals

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Who we are

We love what we do here at Exercize Guyz; it’s our passion and our lifestyle.

Exercize Guyz has a long history in this community. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of the training industry.

Instead of specializing in one or two types of training methods, such as boot camp, power lifting, kettle ball training, etc., we tailor our sessions around the clients needs to make them synergistically strong. We have to be familiar with all the latest techniques and methods to appeal to our diverse clientele. We recognize that the workout program for a 16 year old is much different than one for a 60 year old (sorry, old guys). This methodology is important in order to maintain excellence while executing from a platform of safety and sound training principles. This training philosophy allows my staff to glean from all styles of exercise including yoga, Pilates, physical therapy, sport specific training, and much more.

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Our Specialties


Our Prices

Initial evaluation - $150
(Includes a comprehensive Functional Movement Assessment)

30 minute session - $44

45 minute session - $65

60 minute session - $85

For more than one person add $5 each
(for home visits add $10 per session)

Designer session - (varies) $100

Please note: There is a 12-hour cancellation policy in effect for non-emergency cancellations. Full rates will be applied unless it can be filled. Above prices subject to change without notice.


Whether you’re outfitting your home, office building or small to medium sized club we can help.  With over 30 years of practical experience in fitness room design and layout we make sure it’s specific to your needs. 

Need help on the operations end?  For office centers and small to medium sized clubs where paid staffing is not an option, we consult on how to make our unique cost-free management secret work for you!  This fresh set of eyes has been functioning in real life application at two very prestigious golf and country clubs for 20 years.  We can bring this level of professionalism to you!     

How to Start? 
Give us a call!  We’ll ask a few strategic questions, then determine the direction you should proceed regarding equipment, layout and if need be our unique cost-free management.  From this point it’s up to you to decide which course of action you’d like to take, if any.  Don’t hesitate to ask us more about it!

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