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Recently, a client and I were talking about how folks in the ‘regular’ world perceive us as “workout freaks”. Often we hear comments of how crazy we are; you know, for heading out the door at 5:30am to go get punished by our personal trainer before work. My client also mentioned an incident when he met a new associate at work the other day. As they were shaking hands this individual put his left hand on his shoulder. Noticing his musculature, he asked what sports he played because he clearly had the build of an athlete. With great pride (on my part for sure) he answered, “I don’t play a sport, I do work with a personal trainer though”. Now that is music to my ears!

We love what we do here at Exercize Guyz; it’s our passion and our lifestyle. You can’t force this way of life; if a trainer isn’t walking the walk, he/she will never be fully committed to helping others do the same. By the way, did you know how we got our name? One day, I was on the sales floor at a club and I heard someone refer to my team of personal trainers as the “exercise guys”. It stuck with me and I knew it would be a name to remember!

Exercize Guyz has a long history in this community. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of the training industry. I remember early on in the business, my wife acknowledged that she was a prime candidate for personal training because she’s not a workout ‘enthusiast’, like me. She reminded me how many “well meaning” people are out there, feeling the same way. That’s why Exercize Guyz built the business around an adaptive principle of training. Instead of specializing in one or two types of training methods, such as boot camp, power lifting, kettle ball training, etc., we tailor our sessions around the clients needs to make them synergistically strong. We have to be familiar with all the latest techniques and methods to appeal to our diverse clientele. We recognize that the workout program for a 16 year old is much different than one for a 60 year old (sorry, old guys). This methodology is important in order to maintain excellence while executing from a platform of safety and sound training principles. This training philosophy allows my staff to glean from all styles of exercise including yoga, Pilates, physical therapy, sport specific training, and much more.

Our goal this year is to hone our training skills even more and to continue to serve our clients with the utmost integrity. Secondly, we will work on building up our web presence to provide the latest fitness information, products and services to better equip our clients for success.


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